Welcome to Western Maine Views!

By Neil Greenler – Photographer & Cartographer

From the Porter Hills to the Boundary Mountains, I love Maine’s Western Lakes and Mountains Region, and have been exploring it ever since my time at the University of Maine at Farmington from 2002 to 2006.  I decided it was time to share all that I have found.  The purpose of this website is to provide trail maps and photographs of places in Maine’s Western Lakes and Mountains Region that:

  • Have adequate trails to reach them.
  • Are NOT posted as No Trespassing.
  • Have gorgeous views, of course!  Anything from small directional views to 360-degree panoramic views is included.  Waterfalls and interesting natural features are included as well.

***Note that many of these places are on private property, and I only put them in here if they are NOT on posted land (indicated by either No Trespassing signs, or purple paint places). Attempting to access any of the places featured above is at your own risk. Though my best efforts are made to keep everything here up to date, all trail descriptions here are subject to change. RESPECT LANDOWNERS. CARRY IN – CARRY OUT. TAKE ONLY PICTURES; LEAVE ONLY FOOTPRINTS.***

Any questions or comments?  E-mail me at ngreenler@gmail.com, or message me on Facebook!

Use the map below to find trail maps of the places featured here (takes a couple of seconds to load):

Map Legend

Click on a link below for the photo galleries:

Mount AbrahamMount Abraham TwpFranklin
Mount AbramGreenwoodOxford
Adams MountainStonehamOxford
Albany MountainAlbany TwpOxford
Allen PinnacleFreeman TwpFranklin
Angel FallsTownship DFranklin
Bald LedgePorterOxford
Bald Mountain (Rangeley)RangeleyFranklin
Bald Mountain (Weld)Washington TwpFranklin
Bald Mountain (Woodstock)WoodstockOxford
Bald Pate MountainBridgtonCumberland
Baldpte MountainGrafton TwpOxford
Bannock MountainIndustryFranklin
Barker MountainNewryOxford
Bear Mountain (Hartford)HartfordOxford
Bear Mountain (Waterford)WaterfordOxford
Bemis Mountain – Second PeakTownship DFranklin
Berry LedgeWest ParisOxford
Bigelow RangeDead River & Wyman TwpsFranklin & Somerset
Black Cat MountainPolandAndroscoggin
Black MountainRumfordOxford
Mount BlueAvonFranklin
Blueberry HillRomeKennebec
Blueberry Mountain (Evans Notch)Batchelders GrantOxford
Blueberry Mountain (Weld)Twp 6 North of WeldFranklin
Bucks LedgeWoodstockOxford
Bull RockDixfieldOxford
Burnt Meadow MountainsBrownfieldOxford
Burnt MountainCarrabassett ValleyFranklin
Canton MountainCantonOxford
Caribou MountainBatchelders GrantOxford
Mount CarloRiley TwpOxford
Cascade GorgeSandy River PltFranklin
The CataractsAndover West SurplusOxford
Center HillWeldFranklin
Mount ChristopherGreenwoodOxford
Cole Hill (Southwest Outcrop)WoodstockOxford
Colonel Holman MountainDixfieldOxford
Crocker HillParisOxford
Crocker MountainCarrabassett ValleyFranklin
Mount CutlerHiramOxford
Daggett’s RockPhillipsFranklin
Mount DavidLewistonAndroscoggin
Deer HillStowOxford
Devil’s DenPorterOxford
Devil’s Den (aka Silver Ripple Cascade)Andover North SurplusOxford
Douglas MountainSebagoCumberland
Dunn FallsAndover North SurplusOxford
Durgin MountainBatchedlers GrantOxford
Eagle Rock – Johnson MountainHarrisonCumberland
East Royce MountainBatchelders GrantOxford
The EyebrowGrafton TwpOxford
Flat HillLovellOxford
Flathead MountainRoxburyOxford
Foster HillStonehamOxford
French MountainRomeKennebec
Frost MountainBrownfieldOxford
Fulling Mill Mountain (South Peak)Riley TwpOxford
Glassface LedgesRumfordOxford
Goose Eye MountainRiley TwpOxford
Hawk MountainWaterfordOxford
Hedgehog HillWeldFranklin
The HornMadrid TwpFranklin
Huston Brook FallsCarrabassett ValleyFranklin
Mount IraKingfieldFranklin
Jackson MountainTwp 6 North of WeldFranklin
Jockey CapFryeburgOxford
Kibby MountainSkinner TwpFranklin
Ladies Delight HillLovellOxford
Lapham LedgeWoodstockOxford
Libby MountainLimingtonYork
Little Deer HillStowOxford
Little Jackson MountainTwp 6 North of WeldFranklin
Little Pico RidgeIndustryFranklin
Long MountainAlbany TwpOxford
Lookout RockTownship COxford
Lord HillStonehamOxford
Low Aziscohos MountainLincoln PltOxford
Mahoosuc ArmGrafton TwpOxford
McDaniels HillStonehamOxford
McGaffey MountainViennaKennebec
McKenney HillSebagoCumberland
Monument HillLeedsAndroscoggin
Moody MountainAndover North SurplusOxford
Morrill LedgesPeruOxford
Morrison HillFarmingtonFranklin
Mosher Hill FallsFarmingtonFranklin
The MountainRomeKennebec
North Jay White Granite QuarryJayFranklin
North PeakRiley TwpOxford
Notch MountainPorterOxford
Noyes MountainGreenwoodOxford
Oak Knoll – Stratton Brook HutCarrabassett ValleyFranklin
Old Blue MountainTownship DFranklin
Old Speck MountainGrafton TwpOxford
Oversett MountainGreenwoodOxford
Parker Pond HeadlandFayetteKennebec
Patch MountainGreenwoodOxford
Patterson HillLovellOxford
Payne LedgeGreenwoodOxford
Peaked Mountain (Greenwood)GreenwoodOxford
Peaked Mountain (Hiram)HiramOxford
Peary MountainBrownfieldOxford
Mount PhillipRomeKennebec
Pico RidgeIndustryFranklin
Pike Hill Outlook – Roberts Farm PreserveNorwayOxford
Pine HillLovellOxford
Mount PisgahWinthropKennebec
Pismire BluffRaymondCumberland
Pleasant MountainDenmarkOxford
Poplar Stream FallsCarrabassett ValleyFranklin
Powderhouse HillFarmingtonFranklin
Province MountainNewfieldYork
Pulpit RockWaterfordOxford
Puzzle MountainNewryOxford
Puzzle-Plumbago Mountains South LedgesNewryOxford
Quaker HillCascoCumberland
Quill HillRedington TwpFranklin
Rattlesnake MountainCascoCumberland
Rattlesnake Mountain (Southwest Summit)CascoCumberland
Red Rock MountainMason TwpOxford
Mount RedingtonRedington TwpFranklin
Reed Falls aka Jericho StepsKingfieldFranklin
Rich’s MountainLivermoreAndroscoggin
The Rock OutlookWeldFranklin
Rock-O-Dundee HillOxfordOxford
The RoostBatchelders GrantOxford
Round MountainAlbany TwpOxford
Round TopRomeKennebec
Rumford WhitecapRumfordOxford
Sabattus MountainLovellOxford
Saddleback MountainSandy River PltFranklin
Saddleback Wind MountainCarthageFranklin
Sanders HillRomeKennebec
Savage MountainTempleFranklin
Singepole MountainParisOxford
Smalls Falls & Chandler Mill Stream FallsTownship EFranklin
Snow MountainAlder Stream TwpFranklin
South Crocker MountainCarrabassett ValleyFranklin
Spaulding MountainMount Abraham TwpFranklin
Speckled Mountain (Evans Notch)StonehamOxford
Speckled Mountain (Peru)PeruOxford
Spruce MountainWoodstockOxford
Stearns Hill – North Knob LookoutWest ParisOxford
Step FallsNewryOxford
Streaked MountainHebronOxford
Sugarloaf (Dixfield)DixfieldOxford
Sugarloaf MountainCarrabassett ValleyFranklin
Sunday River WhitecapNewryOxford
Table RockGrafton TwpOxford
Thorncrag Bird SanctuaryLewistonAndroscoggin
Mount Tire’mWaterfordOxford
Mount TomFryeburgOxford
Town House HillAlbany TwpOxford
Tumbledown Dick MountainPeruOxford
Tumbledown MountainTwp 6 North of WeldFranklin
Uncle Tom MountainGreenwoodOxford
Vienna MountainViennaKennebec
West Kennebago MountainUpper Cupsuptic TwpOxford
West Mountain FallsCarrabassett ValleyFranklin
Whiting HillLovellOxford
Wilder HillTempleFranklin
Mount WillNewryOxford
Mount ZirconPeruOxford