Goose Eye Mountain

The Mahoosucs are a rugged mountain range, and the craggy peaks of Goose Eye Mountain are no exception.  On a day-hike basis, it can be accessed from the West or from the East.    The approach from the West is via the Goose Eye Trail from Success Pond Road – with either an out-and-back, or a loop hike with the Carlo Col Trail as well.  The approach from the East is via the Wright Trail from Bull Branch Road (which comes off of Sunday River Road).  The Wright Trail used to split into a North and a South branch at the camp site.  The North branch is no longer maintained, but still navigable (albeit with a fair amount of blowdowns).  When I first hiked Goose Eye in the summer of 2011 via the Carlo Col – Goose Eye loop, I learned about being patient with the morning fog.  The Mahoosucs often begin even what end up being their nicest days up in the fog.  I got to the summit and couldn’t see a thing.  Then, about a quarter of the way down the Goose Eye Trail, it was like a switch got flipped, and the fog cleared in a matter of seconds, giving way to a completely clear day.  I didn’t want to go back up to the summit, so I went back the next year (first time checking out the Wright Trail), and finally got some good pictures.