Lookout Rock

Back during my days at U-Maine Farmington, I used to be into the rap metal scene (the likes of Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine, etc.), I used to write my own music, and one of the songs ended with the phrase “Western Maine, motherf***er…” as it faded out. Well I grew up, and one of the ways that occurred was that I focused my interests more on the outdoors and hiking, and less on the angsty rebellious music. However, my first time hiking Lookout Rock in October of 2017, that phrase definitely escaped my lips when I reached the outcropping – for different reasons than why I put it in a song 14 years prior. I was just amazed at the seemingly endless new places I kept discovering in the Western Lakes and Mountains region with gorgeous views.

Though this one doesn’t have a name on the USGS Maps, there is a trailhead sign reading “Lookout Rock” on South Arm Road, shortly after the Appalachian Trail crossing. The trail can be a bit difficult to follow in places, but once you get to the outcropping, you are treated to wonderful views into Black Brook Notch, as well as Old Speck and the Baldpates.