Mount Abraham

Despite its spelling, the 4000-footer Mount Abraham is actually pronounced “eɪ-brəm”, like the spelling of the smaller Mountain in Greenwood. It once featured a fire tower, the steel frame of which got toppled sometime in the early to mid 2010s. One of the more remote 4000-footers in Western Maine, any approach requires lengthy drives on dirt roads to reach its trailheads. The most popular approach is from the East, via the Firewarden’s Trail. This trail is well-worn and well-marked. Improvements in the mid 2010s to the dirt roads leading to its trailhead from downtown Kingfield have made getting to the trailhead easier (the sign for it in downtown Kingfield incorrectly uses the “Abram” spelling). A less common approach is from the South, via the unofficial South Side Trail. This trail leaves from a lengthy logging road extension of Barnjum Road, and is unmarked and unmaintained. Only those with really good trail navigation skills (and preferably a GPS unit) should try it. Should you decide to, you will be constantly immersed in panoramic views once above tree line, as you traverse the middle summit. The third approach is via the Mount Abraham Side Trail, which connects the Appalachian Trail to the main summit. Once you reach the scree-topped summit, you will have some of the best 360-degree panoramic views in the area.

Remains of the old fire tower – now toppled. July, 2011