Streaked Mountain

Streaked Mountain (pronounced “stri-kəd”, with two syllables) is situated in the middle of the Oxford Hills, and a gem of the Western Lakes and Mountains region. Though somewhat cluttered with radio towers, and a fenced-in fire tower not open to the public, it still has gorgeous panoramic views of the surrounding area and beyond. It also features interesting tourmaline-bearing granite pegmatite bedrock. The true summit is in Hebron, but the whole mountain mass straddles the three towns of Buckfield, Hebron, and Paris. Several ATV trails, as well as the tower access road reach the summit from most directions, but the popular hiking trail climbs steeply up to the summit from Streaked Mountain Road on the Paris side. There’s not an official parking lot for the hiking trail, nor a sign on the road, but you are bound to see other cars parked on the side of the road at the trailhead, as this is a popular hike. Once you get to the true summit, take a stroll over to the slightly lower Southeast summit where there are no towers, and less obstructed views.

The Streaked Mountain fire tower. October, 2006