Tumbledown Dick Mountain

This is about the mountain in Peru. For Tumbledown Mountain in Weld to the North, click here.

Tumbledown Dick Mountain in Peru features directional views to the South. Like many other hills and mountains in Western Maine, Tumbledown Dick is a roche moutonée. These type of hills and mountains were created by southward moving glaciers over them, leaving a smooth, gently sloping North side, and a steep South side with broken-up rock, plucked away from the main mountain mass below. This till located on the South sides of these roche moutonées is commonly referred to as “tumbledown”, which is the namesake of several mountains in Western Maine. Specifically, Tumbledown Dick may have been named for Richard Cromwell (1626 – 1712) – who earned the nickname after having the shortest tenure of the Lord Protector of England due to his unpopularity (thus he “tumbled down” from power).