Tumbledown Mountain

This is about the mountain in Weld. For Tumbledown Dick Mountain in Peru to the South, click here.

The Tumbledown Mountain – Jackson Mountain range is composed of amazing schist bedrock, and both Tumbledown and Little Jackson have panoramic, far reaching views from their bald summits. A series of trails reach and traverse Tumbledown and Little Jackson from Weld-To-Byron Road (may be named differently, depending on the map you’re looking at). Weld-To-Byron Road closes in winter, so hiking these mountains can prove difficult during that time. Tumbledown Mountain is accessed via (going from West to East) the Loop Trail, Brook Trail, Parker Ridge Trail, and the Pond Link Trail. The Loop and Brook Trails have their trailheads on the North side of Weld-To-Byron Road, and the Parker Ridge Trail has its trailhead at the end of Morgan Road. The Pond Link Trail forks off of the Little Jackson Trail. At the top, the Tumbledown Mountain Trail loops around all the summits, and The Little Jackson Trail leaves to go up Little Jackson Mountain. The Loop Trail is by far the hardest and steepest route, culminating in a narrow cave where you have to climb up metal rungs to pass. This makes it impossible for dogs. The Brook and Parker Ridge Trails are medium difficulty, while the Pond Link Trail (and the lower Little Jackson Trail) is relatively mild.

Tumbledown Mountain from Hedgehog Hill. October, 2019